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Micro Dot pHAT

An unashamedly old school LED matrix display board, with up to 30x7 pixels, using Lite-On LTP-305 matrices (or any similar matrices). Perfect for building a retro scrolling message display, a tiny 30-band spectrum analyser, or a retro clock.

The board uses three IS31FL3730 matrix driver chips, each driving two of the matrix displays. The board and supporting software was designed to use these driver chips in an efficient manner, in effect round-robin-ing them and updating them extremely quickly one after the other to drive two displays at once.

To get the pHAT set up and ready to go you can use the one-line product installer:

curl -sS https://get.pimoroni.com/microdotphat | bash

Then import it into your Python script and start tinkering:

import microdotphat


  • fabriqué par Pimoroni
  • carte au format pHAT
  • alimentation 5v
  • 2 broches GPIO actives
  • communication par bus I2C
  • 0x62: IS31FL3730
  • 0x63: IS31FL3730
  • 0x61: IS31FL3730
  • plus d'info
  • lien GitHub
  • achat
Micro Dot pHAT